Mr. Donald Robbins

September 4, 1960 ~ May 28, 2018 (age 57)

I've been trying for awhile now to write this eulogy for my husband.  I wanted to show everyone how the world is LESS because he is no longer here.  However, I believe my most important desire is to show how the world is MORE because he was here.  For those of us who truly knew Don, he made our world a richer and brighter place.

My husband, Don, was a very complicated man. He lived such a basic and simple life.  He was a man of great integrity, brilliance and honesty. Don knew what he believed and he was willing to fight for it. 

He was my loving husband, but my friend, first and foremost. 

His philosophy of life was amazing and his basic ideals were:

          --Love those who need it the most.

          --Be a good friend, especially to those who actually understood what   friendship really means.

          --Defend the weak.

          --Fight for the rights of all.

          --Never accept second place when you know you were first, because, let's      

            face it, you still lost.


          --Never stop learning!  I would say "listen" and learn. However, we all           know, Don had difficulty with the 'listening' part until you really needed it.

          --His many "Don-isms" will most likely remain in the hearts of my        nieces.

I've had the gift and pleasure of having Don in my life for over 20 years and although I am feeling sorrow and heartbreak now, I would not trade a single moment.  It's been a incredibly, fantastic journey.  He used to say he let me chase him until he caught me.  He was a passionate man who loved life.

He was a perfectionist and would often get so impatient with himself if he couldn't get something right.  Yet I never saw him give up.  He just would not quit until he got it, and got it right!

Don had a way of getting to you, to the 'real' person you were or could be and he enjoyed helping you to get there.  He was a teacher at heart and taught me not just to cook and bake but also to be a better friend and to find my own 'gifts' and hone my unique strengths. 

Teaching was something he loved doing and he wouldn't stop trying unless you did.  About the only thing he lacked patience for, were those who were wishy-washy in their opinions or didn't know what they really wanted out of life.

His gifts extended to much more than cooking and baking, however.  He also had great passions for music, canoeing, fishing, and wood working.

He truly loved, and if you were fortunate enough to be in his circle, then you have a heartache like mine and you know life will never be quite the same, without Don.  

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